Grooming Gallery

Bath Paige little white dog

Groomer's Aid Paige -busy with an itty-bitty bath

big jack -bath GROOMING

BIG JACK enjoying his bath!

1806 Cindy with Pretty Poodle as she grooms

Groomer Cindy

1812 Pretty Poodle up close -cindy did

Happy and Healthy Poodle

Amy grooming

Groomer Amy happily at work

1676 Brit grooming shaggy dog

Groomer Brittany

TEAM WORK compressed


Amy and Brit the small and the big

Groomers Amy and Brittany - the BIG and the small of it!

Cindy and Amy working together on dog

Groomer's Cindy and Amy - good teamwork makes for a nice finish!

9308 Summer cut

AFTER -Summer Cut