Grooming Gallery


Yes we bathe and groom cats!

COLLIE brushout up close with Brit

Brushing out a beautiful Shelty

9302 Golden lab BRUSHOUT upclose

Ultimate Bow-Wow Bath and Brush Out

9305 Golden Lab Brushout with girls

Groomer's Aids -Hannah and Paige performing a deep brush out with the Furminator Hair Removal System

Cindy grooming little dog looking out window

Groomer Cindy grooming a little dog relaxing as it looks out the window

0801 Brit and others grooming collie upclose

Grooming team busy at work!

Cindy grooming little shaggy dog

Groomer Cindy busy with a 'regular'

Paige Fluff dry

Groomer's Aid Paige busy at fluff drying

GROOMERS cropped

Our Grooming Team!

Dr. Tharp checking skin - grooming

Dr.Tharp- complimentary vet check of a questionable area of a pet being groomed